How about a Healthy Ageing?


Many follow a myth that as the body grows old, one need to switch to a slow-paced lifestyle and rest rest and just rest the whole day. In fact, as you grow older, an active lifestyle is important to stay fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Only resting cannot give physical relaxation. A relaxed mind and body means healthy body that comes from an active lifestyle. Regular exercise, traveling, excursions, and participation in the outdoor games can help you manage symptoms of illness and pain, as well as reducing laziness. Exercise is a truth behind Senior Fitness and evergreen looks.

Traveling, playing outdoor games and water-sport activities are some of the exercises you should do to reverse some of the symptoms of ageing. There are a plenty of ways to stay active and live a healthy 50.

Exercise is a sureshot way to stay fit?
Daily exercise is a mantra behind improved senior health at 50s. Regular exercise improves blood circulation, keeps you in proper shape and size from top to bottom, improves confidence and boosts your memory.

Many don’t like exercising and gives a variety of reasons for doing it. You may feel weak after prolonged illness, you may find it boring, you may be concerned about illness or injuries, or you don’t know from where to start because you haven’t tried before etc.

While there are so many reasons to refrain doing it; there are better reasons to get moving. Yoga and meditation keep the mind stable, rejuvenates mood, relieve stress and lowers the symptom of an illness. Also, there are beauty benefits of exercising, regular yoga help in shaping the lower part of the body (including belly) and enhances facial beauty.

No matter what your age and your current physical state are, regular exercise is beneficial in any case. Exercising does not mean straining workouts, dieting, running or weight lifting; it means adding movements to your passive routine – traveling, playing indoor and outdoor games, going adventurous etc.

Kick off prolonged illness, health problems, chronic disease and other things that are hampering a positive senior health.

Weight Gain – A serious problem
As the body grows old, health condition starts deteriorating. Weight loss is a common complain doctors get from people above 50. But, do you know there are problems to weight gain as well? A sudden weight gain is not good at the age of 50 or above. Therefore, exercising regularly is recommended to maintain your physique and stay fit.

Author bio:
Andy Asher is the Editor-in-Chief at Active Seniors HQ that emphasis on the importance of Senior Fitness and senior health for people above 50.

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