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Health benefits of vital greens

Health benefits of vital greens

Vital Greens is a supplement containing numeroussuperfoods, rich in the nutrients your body needs every day. Each dose can energise your body, flush out toxins and much more. Below is a detailed discussion of the health benefits you can get from Vital Greens supplements.

Cleanses your body

Every day, your body is exposed to toxins. This comes from the pollution you breathe and the processed foods you eat. As toxins accumulate in your body, you may start to feel slow and irritable. One serious consequence of this is skin problems. This is due to the toxins affecting the healthy cells of your skin.

Vital Greens’ ingredients consist of natural detoxifiers such as green tea, wheatgrass and red beet. They cleanse your colon and liver which is where the toxins accumulate in your body. Consuming the supplement every day can protect your body from pollution and food contaminants.

Protects you from cancer

One common cause of cancer is free radicals. These are molecules inside your body which can harm your tissues. They do this by attacking the healthy cells and turning them into free radicals. The cycle continues until the entire area turns malignant and cancer starts to develop.

Vital Greens contain some of the most potent antioxidant ingredients to help you stop free radicals from attacking your cells. Antioxidants fend of these cancer causing molecules by providing an extra electron. By doing this, free radicals become a safe and normal molecule which has no reason to attack your body anymore.

Effective means to restore energy and maintain mental health

Many of your organs rely on vitamin B in order to work effectively. They are a necessary ingredient in producing energy inside your body. B vitamins are also needed to metabolise fats and proteins. Insufficient amounts of vitamin B can lead to medical complications. Mild symptoms include irritability and loss of energy. Severe deficiency can lead to difficulty in basic movements such as walking or in focusing on one task.

Vital Greens contain a variety of superfoods rich in B vitamins which can replenish your body’s supply efficiently. The product has thiamine, nicotinic acid and pyridoxine HCL. Taking the supplement can help maintain your physical and mental health. This is a good supplement whenever you feel stressed, out of energy or depressed.

Ease in maintaining weight

Vital Greens contain a significant amount of fibre to help you in maintaining your weight. It is considered as “nature’s broom” due to its cleansing factor. Fibre acts as a cholesterol magnet which prevents it being absorbed by your body. This is a must if you are tryingtone and protect yourself from gaining weight. Another benefit of fibre is to prevent constipation by making your stool softer and increasing the volume.

Vital Green is an incredible superfood supplement which can replenish your body with the necessary nutrients it needs. Affordable and efficient, this supplement is a must for any diet!

Katherine Flowers does research on supplements and super foods such as Vital Greens around Australia. She keeps abreast of industry trends and shares them through articles and journals.

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