Electronic cigar- best alternative to soothe your cravings


Before getting started with this topic I would like to ask a few questions to those who are regular smokers. Here they are:

  • Are you a person smoking like as if you are drinking just water?
  • Do you fail to notice the tagline “smoking is injurious to health” every time when you buy a pack for yourself?
  • Are you facing health troubles?

If your answer is a yes to all above questions, keep your eyes and mind open throughout this article.

Smoking as we say is injurious to health. But if taken a close look, you will be surprised to recognize how poorly it affects the personal, social and professional life of an individual. Even if you are determined enough, quitting smoking is not a plain sailing. Those cravings will always attract to make you lit a cigarette. This is why electronic cigar is one of the best options to get rid of smoking habits.

Electronic cigar being introduces in the market has let several people to relinquish smoking permanently. Unlike the tobacco cigarette electronic cigar, does not contain excessive amount of harmful chemical like nicotine. Let us have a look at few reasons how electronic cigar serve as one of the best alternatives to soothe the cravings of smoking:

  • The most primary reason to choose an electronic cigar is that it gives the equivalent satisfying experience of smoking as the real cigar gives which way more dangerous.
  • Since electronic cigars run with a battery, it is entirely your decision that for how long do you want to puff. However in real cigars you intend to finish the complete cigar and puff until it’s done. Withelectronic cigar you can simply put off the cigar when you are done.
  • Fortunately electronic cigars contain a limited amount of nicotine and almost negligible parts of carbon monoxide and tar. A real cigar contains loads of these damaging chemicals that can impinge on your health poorly.
  • Another reason you will enjoy an electronic cigar is that it is an exact imitation of the real one. So when start to puff from it, you won’t realize if you are having a real cigar or an electronic cigar. Even the smoke coming out of electronic cigar looks same as the real one; however it is merely a smoke of water vapors.
  • For the reason that electronic cigars do not emit harmful chemicals from its smoke, it helps to reduce the number of passive smokers. So your family and colleagues can now take a sigh of relief as they do not have to face harmful effects of passive smoking
  • Another annoying aspect of which we all are irritated is the bad breath. But with electronic cigar, this issue is eliminated. Electronic cigar does not only take care of bad breath but also eradicate the nasty whiff of tobacco.

With so many benefits electronic cigar is definitely a blessing for regular smokers. So what are you waiting for? It’s high time to switch to electronic cigar and leave behind the health worries.

Author Bio :- I am Albert Adam. who enjoys the challenges of imagination and diligence to detail. I am established various types of contents like an electronic cigar. This is one of the outstanding advantages to get eject of smoking habits.


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