Cause and effect of Increasing Childhood Obesity


When your body starts accumulating excess fat the syndrome is called obesity. Obesity does not see age or gender. There are set standards to determine obesity. Obesity among children is becoming increasingly common in the present times. It causes a lot of trauma to children as they go through a lot of social, emotional and physical problems. These problems dwell in them for a long time and sometimes life time.

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Causes of Obesity[checklist]

  • It is always good to look at the causes for anything before getting into the solutions. Obesity is ruled by many causes. For instance, if your said intake for a day is around 60 calories and you take around 100 calories of food, the regular intake of 40calories per day would lead to obesity. So, make sure you just eat what is required and not more than that. Else you would not be able to avoid getting over weight and eventually becoming obese.
  • Genetic issues could be one of the main reasons for obesity among children. It could be possible that the parent or sibling is obese and that has taken to the child too. This could be one of the most viable reasons for obesity. These days junk food has become the food of the hour. There would not be a single child in this world who would refrain from junk food. This causes obesity again. Junk food is not like healthy food which gives nutrition. Junk food increases body fat beyond count and thus causes obesity.
  • Exercise is very important as it helps you remain fit, healthy and beat the evil of obesity. With time children are becoming couch potatoes as it is called. They prefer watching TV or playing video games as compared to going out and playing with friends. They have more series on TV that they cannot afford to miss than games they would play. So, in turn they just sit in front of the TV and this inactivity causes obesity among children of the present generation. Physical activity is no longer a part of the school education, what with computers taking over regular education. This has led to increase of inactivity and thus obesity among children. However, one thing that should be noted here is that it’s not only inactivity or food sometimes certain medications can also be responsible for obesity among children.[/checklist]

Ways to find out Obesity Levels

There are ways to find out if your child is suffering from obesity or not. The basic method is to find out the ratio of your child’s weight as compared to his/her height. There are other ways of checking obesity. The percentage of body fat also helps determine obesity. This is an inaccurate method if proper instruments are not used. Body Mass Index is the best indicator of your body fat. There are BMI calculators available that help check the level of obesity in the body.

You can also calculate the BMI on your own. Record the weight of your child in pounds and then multiply it by 705. Get your child’s height in inches and divide the weight you got by multiplying with this height. Perform this division again and you will get the BMI of your child. Waist circumference is another best way to measure your child’s obesity level.

manage Obesity in Children
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Methods to manage Obesity in Children[checklist]

  • Obesity is not a natural disorder or uncontrollable disorder. It can definitely be curbed and solved. Parents need to be strict while dealing with obese children. Enforce a strictly healthy diet that includes taste and goodness of nutrition. Obviously you cannot make your child have it alone so make sure your entire family is involved in this diet. The eating habits should be as healthy as possible. Your child needs to have four meals a day, which include a healthy breakfast, good lunch, bright dinner and light supper. When your child feeds healthy he or she remains healthy.
  • Make sure if you want your child to entertain exercises to reduce obesity levels you need to practice it too. It’s obviously the parent who acts as a guide for the child. So, make sure you practice the exercises you are preaching. Rewards need not be food at the restaurants it could also include small treats like a trip to some nearby park etc.
  • We all are aware of the fact that Inactivity can be dangerous for our health. Thus, ensure your child is active enough throughout the day. Encourage him to go and play with other kids. Make sure you do not make your child lose confidence at any time. Your sole responsibility as a parent is to encourage your child to participate in outdoor activity just like other children.
  • Sleeping habits need to be tamed to reduce the obesity levels. Proper bed time ensures a good health and resolves the obesity issues among children.[/checklist]

Obesity is natural with the habits of the present time. Only a parent can curb the obesity issues in a child. Thus, it is important you take the right steps and solve the issues forever.

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