13 Effective Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss
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If thinking of losing weight is making you sweat, here are some useful tips you would love to include in your weight loss program.


  • Know the Reason of Your Dieting: If dieting was the only solution everyone with the flab would have started starving. The Human body needs nutrition, energy from the food taken in the meals and therefore skipping meals would mean not giving it the much needed nourishment. The individual experiences drowsiness, Lack of energy makes him or her more prone to store fat when the individual eats again.
  • Your Present Health Condition: Before starting the program of weight loss, you must know how much weight you want to lose. Having a target helps you quantify it, making it easy for the individual to prepare himself for the diet plan and exercise regimen.
  • Small but frequent meal: You must have heard a lot about it, but do you think it works practically too? Well yes, eating in small quantities and that too after every two hours helps your body take its share of energy and increases the metabolism without making the person fat. Also, taking time to eat bites helps you chew well, and decreases your appetite for better. Chewing a bite 32 times in your mouth turns it into a “bolus”, which is ingested well in the stomach and eases the process of digestion.
  • Close to Nature: Obesity is not only because of hormonal issues or the excess fat we take in. It’s also because of lifestyle issues, mental strain and sedentary work we do. Nature has already given us so much that we do not need to necessarily go to the gym to shed of extra kilos. Walk instead of using the car, climb stairs instead of the escalator when you shop at the mall and eat fresh food. Junk food, stale and preservatives in tinned diet make our body to store more water thereby increasing the fat.
  • Think for a second before you eat anything: Eating right is a choice no one can make on its own. You may be thinking of a diet plan by an expert but no one can guide you better than your own body. Eating fresh and healthy without binging on junk is necessary.
  • Water: Can anyone of you think of life without water? The same is the case with the human body. Before we start up any fitness schedule consistent intake of water is the best way to bring our body back to life. Taking more water does not make us thirsty, helping us not to take aerated drinks, which also has artificial sugar and other preservatives.
  • The Right Time to eat is: If your lifestyle or work does not allow you to eat frequently remember to take the first meal like a King. Filling breakfast is very important to keep you up for the day and definitely helps you use a lot of energy as the day progresses. On the other hand, dinner should be light and as early as possible. Sleeping just after having dinner makes your body down with so much to digest that most of it is stored as fat or excreted out, leaving you feel heavy, the next morning.
  • No point Cursing fat: Once you have a diet plan do not go for an absolute fat cut. Lipids are important for the new cell formation and cutting it in your diet will disturb body rejuvenation from the loss of fatty cells making you weak, lean and skinny. Do not deep fry your food but some content of fat must be included intentionally.
  • Move and Exercise: Being jealous of those gifted with high metabolism may make you lazy. But with the intake of calories exercising is a must. Jog, run, climb stairs or cook at home, all will help your body musculature to do some work helping you burn extra kilos. 

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  • Yoga is Power: Yoga works like nothing else. Since yogic science covers the human health holistically eating right and doing the “asanas” will help you achieve a balance of mind and body. It certainly increases the metabolism and helps keep up the energy all day long and decrease weight.
  • Be strict yet have fun: Losing weight is no child’s play. Being strict with your self and following a schedule including diet plan must be done to gain the target result in stipulated time. But as they say, if you bind your body for long results won’t show. While you stay rigid in your plan, you can keep a day in a month when you can binge on anything that you have always wanted to eat during your course of restricted eating. This will work as an incentive and one meal will revive your taste buds too.
  • Sleep well: Studies have found those who sleep well reduce more weight than who simply sleep for six or less number of hours. With work, rest comes as a necessity to the human processes and once your body is rejuvenated it will work more efficiently. 
  • Have a strong determination: To lose weight you should have strong will power and determination. You need to step up and fight temptations that will come at every step so that you reach your weight loss target. If you don’t, any weight loss program will not be a total success. So, prepare yourself and get ready for a complete makeover by losing excessive weight!



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